Saturday, July 16, 2011

Friday Night Foam

This morning I baked some brownies for the volunteers.  Our church is hosting several groups of volunteers who are going out into the community during the day to help clear debris.  Right now there are about 125 volunteers sleeping at the church, eating at the church, relaxing at the church.  This is a HUGE undertaking for our body of believers.  You need people to make food, people to serve food, people to run security 24/7, you need someone to monitor the facility.   We are basically running a free hotel and cafeteria. You can check out the blog I made for the church and learn about our volunteers at Abundant Life Christian Center.

Last night we had “Friday Night Hang Out” for our youth and the visiting youth.

Colby and Jeremy (Lisa’s Husband, she calls them Phineas and Ferb) made some foam machines and set them to work in the church parking lot.

They were soon getting orders from several of the youth pastors staying at the church...gotta love youth pastors, perpetual kids.  It became a foam frenzy and was very challenging to photograph...

Then a few of us went inside and got the sound equipment working.  It took a lot of effort because everything gets moved around and put in different places.  And we started to worship in the Core Café.  Mercy, we know how to clear a house!  The room started with about 50 people and by the time our set was finished there were about 10 people in the room.  We were deep in worship and prayer.  And none of us minded because we were singing and praising God, not performing.  If we messed up we just smiled.  It was peace.  It was exactly what I needed.

It is such a joy to worship the LORD.

God has put something on my heart to share...I am going to work on that today if little boys nap so that I can put it up tomorrow.  And hopefully we will get a few more testimonies soon, I have a few people workin on em.

Lord bless you, have a wonderful weekend!



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