Thursday, July 21, 2011

All charged up!

I got GREAT NEWS yesterday, my camera battery charger (replacement) came in the mail and I was very glad to have my camera back.  Welcome back camera.

I took it to church with me and snapped some shots of our youth praise team. See how excited Bryan is that I got my camera back!!!  Actually this was his 'seriously Ronda?!' look.  I get that look often. We like to have fun and we spend a lot of time with one another, so we can get goofy at times.

There is my honey!  Dressed up in my favorite color green thanks to Colby's rockin lights.

My lovely Keesha on the keys.  Always so pretty.

I think it is fun to be goofy, it keeps you young. Below is Bryan and his son Jarrett.

I met a fun volunteer.  His name was Bob.  While I was walking the halls with my Camera and it's full power battery.

Bob and 9 other folks came from Owensville, Ohio.  I asked Bob how they found Abundant Life and he said that God put it on his heart to come to Joplin. {he got tears in his eyes as he told me this, and let me tell you, He was a bear of a man.  I liked him immediately}  He said that he called Ameri-corps to find a place that a few of them might be able to stay and that they were given a list with 5 churches.  He said he saw the name "Abundant Life" and he knew that is where he wanted to go.

So he put out the word thinking that maybe a handful of people would want to come.  And before he knew it, he had 19 people wanting to come to Joplin to serve.  9 were able to come and so 9 came with his group.

So many faces, so many stories...I am lovin it!

Now that the group of ladies that went out from our church on a missions trip to Jamaica are home we won't be having the ALCC blog anymore.  It was a temporary thing, but it was such a HUGE blessing to me.  It forced me to get off my duff and go meet people.

So I think when I can I will post a little about our volunteers here for you...{and for me}.

Be blessed and share, cause you care!



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