Tuesday, May 24, 2011

The twister inside...

My heart is twisting in my chest right now, frozen in a flutter.  My eyes have that weird tingly feeling where you know that tears are chomping at the bit ready to jump out of your head.  Ahhh, this hurts so bad!
I went back and forth, back and forth, stay, go, stay, go…around and around.  I finally decided to go and jumped into the shower and the whole while I prayed.  I prayed a simple prayer and it went like this:
God, help.
That was all.  That was all I could think.
God, help.
I watched a video last night, well rather, I listened to a video last night of people huddled together in the FastTrip on 20th street as the tornado passed over them…passed through them, sucked the city up around them.  They cried out to God, repeating GOD! JESUS! OH JESUS!  Not as profanity, but as those who cry out to their Father, their Savior, and he did just that.  He saved them.
As I stepped out of the shower my phone rang and I answered.  It was my dear friend Lisa.  If you read my first blog this is my friend who called me “Tiger”, who always seems to know when to call.  If I need to be encouraged, if I need to be reminded, if I need to vent…she is there.  I have many friends in Joplin like this, but on the other line this morning it was Lisa.  “You have to stay there” is what she told me.  “As much as I want you here, you need to stay there.”
So with the twister still raging inside me, churning my insides, I finalized the details of my return flight next Sunday.
Our lives were changed forever when we made the cross-country move to Joplin last July.  We love these people.  Their lives are changed forever.
Oh God, help.
Sam will either stay up at Grandma and Grandpa’s for a few days with Kael, or with friends who have basements and storm shelters.  That gives me a great deal of peace.
Praying for strength, energy, support, peace and safety for everyone there, see you Sunday.

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