Sunday, May 15, 2011

Sunday with Sam: So let your light shine...

It's Sunday of course, a whole week has gone by since the debut of "Sunday with Sam".   This week has been busy busy (yep, I said it twice).  A week ago Colby rolled into town with his bread truck full of gear and whatever else one needs to move across the United States with.  And before he was able to catch his breath he was hurdled headlong into Joplin and the people he now refers to as "Joplers."

Colby started his new job with me at Fletcher's Toyota on Monday which entails a great deal of training. He is also having to acclimate himself to the humidity and constant use of air conditioning that is foreign to those from the Pacific Northwest.  This can be brutal.  When Ronda and I moved here, there was about a 3 week period where your head and sinuses revolt and wreak havoc .  It's not like your sick with a cold, but is just as miserable.  If you ever move to the hotter portion of the mid-west you will understand.

Here is Colby's bread truck in all its glory,  Lovingly dubbed "Baby Hercules."

If you can believe it, the majority of "stuff" that Colby brought with him is related to music production.  For instance,  there is enough lighting equipment to put on his own show at the Showbox or Nuemos (Seattle reference) or Memorial Hall (reference for you Jopler's).  All his lightning and sound gear is going up at the youth room at church; really cool, but this is no small task.

On Wednesday, I drove the bread truck to church and after service we recruited all the youth group boys to help unload the lighting and sound gear into our youth room.  On Friday, after Colby was done with training he headed to the church.  Colby and Justus (our 19 year old sound man in-training) got to the church around  5 or 6pm.  Later when I got off work at 8pm, I went over and helped them clear the stage,  run wires and hang more lights.  We didn't stop until 1am.  The next morning Colby met Jeremy (who is married to Lisa.  He is 6'10" and she can't be more than 5'4", just throwing that in for Paul and Amy's benefit) and they stayed at it all day till about 7pm Saturday night.  All this time just to get the lights hung and operating.   I asked Ronda to take some pictures for me.

Pretty cool huh?!  I'm looking forward to the reaction from the youth kids when we unveil the onslaught of color and flash.  I think it is important to say that lights, drums, or even instruments don't  make the difference to God when it is time to praise and worship, neither does activities or games that often happen at youth groups.  Our goal is to create an environment where kids want to invite their friends.  After all, it is the word of God that changes lives not blue and green lights.

We are very serious about teaching these kids the Bible and we understand that the best youth groups are not comprised of the best facilities and lights; but just like games and activities, there is nothing wrong with going big and having a great time doing it.

Check out our new offering bucket, or hand...

A quick little tip for you fathers out there since last week I introduced you to the changing station.  It is very important to recognize early on if you have a strong willed child on your hands.  Actually you will probably be well aware of it, because they will make it painfully obvious to you.  For me it's Kael, my oldest.  Coupled with some communication challenges that he is working hard to catch up on, he can be quite the handful.  Dads: our specialty is being strong and not giving in even when mommy wants to.  A soft hearted mother's nurturing spirit doesn't want to discipline more than once, if that (in my hem, Ronda).

So what do you do if your son or daughter defies you over and over again?  You win!  You have to win.  Not because you are trying to break their spirit and you should never punish because you are mad, but the goal is to train them.  It takes consistent focused effort to shape the strong willed child and even one "give in" moment can set you back weeks.

My brother, Ceth, used the term "Want Monster" when his daughter Wren was around the age of 3.  He said toddlers are constantly in a state of need.  They want this, they need that, want, want, want.  Me, me, me!  He was right, if Kael is allowed to take toys from Caleb then he will do it again and again with no regard for Caleb.  Caleb on the other hand would share anything.  Except on occasion as a fun little game he plays he will sneak up behind  Kael and steal his trains while Kael runs after him yelling "no, no, no!"  Funny to watch him work, but also worthy of correction.

The Bible says "train up your child the way they should go." You are always training your child.  You are training them to be obedient, or you are training them that if they push hard enough you will give in.  No matter what you do, you are teaching and training.  So it very important to pay close attention to your response to "no, no's" and be relentlessly consistent.  Little eyes are watching.

Let me be clear about one last thing.  I'm not an expert in parenting and have no official qualifications, but if I can offer my advice on some level or another, you are more than welcome to ask...

Sam I am


  1. Wow. . . what an amazing Youth Room.

    Wonderful Post.

    Looking forward to more Sunday's with Sam.

    ~Love Momma Marilyn~

  2. I for one have never been so excited to see a bread truck in all of my life~ I am ever so thankful for the obedience you three have chosen to do for our Heavenly Father. I view you three as the triple binded cord not easily broken and you bring strength, unity, knowledge, and Glory to the Father and if it includes some Amazing lights that is a bonus! More Amazing things to come! God is good.

  3. Does Sam actually write this?! ...because this stuff is good!!
    My favorite part "joplers" tee hee!! Ronda don't let him eat green eggs... (:

  4. I miss you guys! That lighting really does look incredible though. Way to go!

  5. The lights look amazing, great job! Thanks for the shout out Sam! We miss you tons!