Sunday, May 22, 2011


When the world turns upside down where do you turn?  Tonight my world turned upside down when a mile wide tornado rolled through Joplin, Missouri, while I sat over 2000 miles away in Seattle.  My family is safe; praise GOD!  But, there is so much destruction and devastation my heart is torn.  I see pictures and videos that make my insides churn when I remember what that neighborhood looked like last week when I drove through it, but is now just a pile of twigs.  Our nanny, Missy and her family no longer have a home.  Our good friends Rob and Blythe lost their business.  The dealership where Sam works doesn’t have any cars to sell anymore.  People are trapped, people are displaced, people are dead, and confusion clouds the area.
The song that keeps repeating over and over in my mind is “I will praise you through the storm.”
Oh God!  You see this.  I praise you and thank you for keeping my family safe.  I pray for angels to be sent to all those who are trapped and scared tonight; those who are in pain.  Comfort those who can’t find or reach loved ones.  Give wisdom, direction, and energy to all those who are helping clear away rubble and save people.  I pray that you hold back anymore storms and bring the light quickly in the morning so that more can be found.  Supply the needs of these people.  Bring aid!  Send help!  In this tragedy, draw us near.
I have talked to Sam and I believe that he is going to the house of some friends of ours who have a basement.  Our house does not have a place to go in a tornado.  I am barely able to talk with him.  He told me that many are lost and he sounded very shaken (no doubt).  Then to top it off Kael got sick and puked all over him.  Please keep Joplin in your prayers.  I will try to keep everyone up to date as I learn more.

Picture provided by my friend Danielle via ???
When the world turns upside down, turn to God.

Pictures borrowed from my our Youth Leader Bryan Joslyn's facebook.


  1. Oh! I am so sorry my dear, I will be praying!

  2. Ronda, I'm scared. I can't belived this happened. So thankful that Sam, Colby, and Kael are safe. God is beyoned great. I cried when I found out that they were safe, even if Kael escaped with being sick; that is the least of Joplin's worries. How terrible to find out that people have lost loved ones and homes that no longer stand. I pray that no more tornados hit. Praying for that light at the end of the tunnel. Praise and pray and pray. Joplin needs God's wonderful grace, to get them through this storm. <3

  3. Oh my goodness, I'm so sorry! The bottom of my stomach dropped when I saw the headline for Joplin this morning. So glad your family is safe, but I'm sorry for what you're coming home to.

    Praying for you and your neighbors!

  4. Joplin will be in my prayers! Praise God that your family was preserved and protected.