Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Thank you Lord!

Nervous energy kept me restless all night despite getting to sleep in one of the most comfortable beds on the planet.  This bed is a squishy soft California King at G&G Bowlin’s (Grandma and Grandpa’s house).  Caleb and I made the trek up to Kansas City yesterday evening and rolled into Grandma and Grandpa’s at about 9pm.  Sam’s grandparents live about 10 minutes from the Kansas City International Airport so they bless us by driving us to and from the airport whenever we take a trip.  I got to visit with Grandpa for a few minutes before heading off to bed.  We would have to get up early to catch our 6:35am departure, so getting a good night sleep was something I hoped for, but not what I got.
I set my alarm on my phone for 4:40am.  All night I tossed and turned, concerned that I my alarm wouldn’t go off.  Just general excitement and uneasiness, also Kael getting up so early on a regular basis has me trained to rise and shine in the wee hours of the morning.  We got to the airport a little after 5am.  Everything went smooth; I upgraded my seat for more leg room since Caleb was riding as a lap child.  Praise the Lord that the seat next to me became available and so Caleb and I each got to have a seat for just the charge of the upgrade $30.  Smokin deal!
Then came Denver.  Denver is gynormous.  I had to pull my carry-on, huff my backpack, sling my camera bag, and tote my toddler about mile from my arrival gate to my gate departing to Seattle.  Oh my goodness, I was one tired lady.  I got to the gate just as they were boarding for families with children under 4.  I am just going to say a very quick summary; I prayed for angels. I encountered some real stinkers along my way (namely an over dramatic flight attendant who had to put on a little show and make my trip memorable), but I met some angels too. 
I accidentally sat in 20A when I was supposed to sit in 20F.  So a sweet couple got stuck next to me and my squirmy toddler.  But if I would have set where I was supposed to sit I would have been sitting next to two people clearly travelling for work typing away madly on their laptops.  That would not have been easy with Caleb, who decided to pull his trump “I am two in two weeks” card out and wave it around like it was a winning lottery ticket.  Thank you Lord for the understanding couple, who didn’t give me one bad look, and who repeatedly offered their help when they saw me trying to "tame the two".
The other angel I met was a woman who offered to pull my roller bag.  Thank you Lord for roller bag lady, you promised me that you would never give me more then I could bare and you saw that I hit my lid.  Her gesture of kindness gave me a boost in spirits that let me handle my next batch of stinkers…the baggage people.
Caleb’s car seat, a much needed piece of travel equipment, did not make it past Denver.  I didn’t learn this until after I was told to go to this place, then that, back to first place, “oops, sorry”, ok, “now, go here”, around and around we went.  Now enters another angel the ‘fix everyone else’s mistake and apologize like it was my own’, United Airway lady.  She got us a car seat to borrow till they could bring ours to us and set us packin!  Thank you Lord for United Airway Lady.
Here is Seattle folks!

Traffic, not even rush hour.
Here is a picture my wonderful mother and me, taken by my wonderful father.
Here is a picture my dad took of Shane (my brother in law), Maddie (my niece), and Caleb.  He was teaching me some stuff about my camera… I have a lot to learn, but happy that I have a great teacher!
It has been a long day, so I must say bye for now.  We survived, and arrived alive! YAY!  Thank you Lord!


  1. Lord God Bless that roller bag lady you know who she is! Great pictures!

  2. I want to hear this story about this flight attendant who gave you a memorable flight!! Im SO happy that... umm, YOUR ALIVE!! Planes are scary man, and you had to have Caleb on one too!! <3