Thursday, May 12, 2011

He knows me so well!

There is a point when worshiping the Lord that the weight of the world melts away.  No longer am I thinking about files and rate locks, but I am picturing the throne room of Heaven where angels sing endless songs of praise, and the glory of the Lord fills the temple.  I smile and lift my hands high and the exhaustion and frustrations I was feeling two seconds ago trickle past my fingertips and fall to the floor.  Where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is freedom (2nd Corinthians 3:17).

Last night we had church and before running out the door I grabbed my camera. 

Here is our church Abundant Life Christian Church, Joplin, Missouri.

Here is a shot of the santuary where Larry Platt is praying during the pre-service "Hour of Power."

Larry leading prayer.

Here is Nursery 2 for the toddlers.

Alex and Timothy

Here is another class where Pastor's wife Judy is wrangling the busy bunch.  She is a pro.

Here is the Core Cafe where Tina, Dakota, and Tyler chat at one of the hightops.

This is The Core, our youth room.


Youth playing

Brie and Kenzie


The Core (our youth group) praise team is made up of Nick Whitten (lead guitar), Keesha Dorsey (keys), Bryan Joslyn (Youth Pastor/leader), Sam Hickey (Drums, and my honey bunny), and Taylor Joslyn (bass), and yours truly (backup vocals).  But last night it was sans Ronda.

You see, the night before I didn’t go to practice, I was too tired.  I probably should have gone seeing as that I would have had more peace.  The little boys didn’t want to go to sleep (figure that), and Kael proceeded to wake up at the ugly crack of dawn.  *Yawn*.  Ah, man, more rhymes!  I am hoping the rhyming will go away once sleep returns. Last night at church I had the unique opportunity to worship with the youth, instead of lead from the stage.  WOW!  AMAZING!  I bet the Lord liked it too.
Yesterday was a beautiful day!  Orange Leaf Frozen Yogurt set up shop right next to the bank and had their Grand Opening last week.  So, naturally I had to check it out.  Oh my, I love Orange Leaf and their delicious frozen yogurt.  The atmosphere is bright and fun.  You self-serve your yogurt and pay per ounce.  I chose the Wedding Cake and the Fudge Batter.  Let me say it one more time…Oh my!  So good!  They have adorable little orange spoons that resemble shovels, so you can really shovel it in, and shovel I did.  I brought my Bible with me because I thought I might read a little while enjoying my treat…that was a nice thought I guess.  But once I had the first bite all I could think about was how yummy it was!

Now I know what you are thinking.  You, based on my awesome review, are going to jump on your scooter and buzz over to an Orange Leaf and after having some you are going to say to yourself “eh, this is just OK.” No, False! You are going to say “oh, my. This is sooooooo good!”  Ok, they are not paying me to write this, so moving on now.
After enjoying 10.3 ounces (I know, but it was soooo good!), I decided I needed a walk.  The sun was out, the temperature was around 80, and there was a light breeze…what an awesome afternoon.  I walked down to the Good Will where I found three skirts, two shirts, and a swim tank top.  I paid $24.40.  Thank you Lord for frozen yogurt, perfect weather, and the steal of a deal I got at the Good Will.  You know me so well!

Have a wonderful blessed day!


  1. awesome pictures! good deals! and more spoons comin' your way!

  2. Thanks for sharing photo's of your church.
    How nice !

    Cute clothes. . . such a deal. ~Mom~