Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Mighty Titans

Wow, today was so busy.  I took a few breaks and really dug into the word of God and was just drinking it up.  I was in 1st Corinthians and over to Isaiah, and back to 1st Corinthians.  I can't wait to share with you the journey that the spirit of God is taking me on.  Tonight though, I do not have time.  I do not have time to do it justice tonight.  I am going to go practice worship with our praise team... I can't wait to go worship the Lord, it is such a relaxing thing to just take it all through music right to the foot of the throne.
Yesterday I made Sam and Colby a quick dinner that wouldn't be too hot since this place is a like a fiery furnace right now.  So since I am going light tonight in my post, here is a quick, easy, light, cool meal to beat the heat and the hunger.  Sam and Colby really enjoyed these mighty little titan tacos. They pack a punch, and they taste ooohhh so delightful.  I had one also; yup, I ate dinner with the family instead of around them.  It was really nice.
Sometimes I post little questions on here but no one answers.  I guess sometimes they are rhetorical.  But a question I am interested to hear your response is "Do you pray before you eat?"
I need to thank God more, for everything.
Here are Mighty Titan Tacos (I don't know why I named them that, but I like the way it sounds.)
6 Flour Taco Size Tortilla
1 can of black beans
3/4 cup salsa (I love Walmart's Great Value Lime Salsa)
1 Roma tomato chopped
2 cups chopped romaine (about 6 leaves)
1 cup shredded cheddar
1 cooked chicken breast finely sliced
Sour cream as desired

In a small bowl mix black beans and salsa.  Place 1/4 cup bean mixture in a tortilla, top with about tablespoon tomato, 1/3 cup lettuce, 1/6 cup shredded cheddar, 1/6th of your chicken breast, and top with sour cream.  Pinch shut with clothes pin to hold it all together.
Can't wait to share more with you about my journey.  Soon as I can put it down.

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  1. I love the pinching together of tacos with clothes pins. Love it.
    We pray before we eat, sometimes even one of the kiddos do. Marilyn (who's 2) gets quite offended if she doesn't get to pray, which consists of repeating easy prayers after Erik or I but it is so sweet to hear her little voice repeating, "Dear Jesus, tank you day, tank you food, tank you fammi (family), tank you sunshine" and then raising her hands and laughing "AMEN!" Prayer is a good reminder when we sit down as a family for meals to be "tank"-ful all the time for God's amazing blessings.