Saturday, June 11, 2011

The sweet life

Counting my blessings today and I ran out of fingers and toes, so I will just say I am very blessed.  Today has been peaceful, productive, and playful.  This morning Sam and I rocked out some laundry before he went to work.  I cleaned house while the little boys played trains.

We ran errands around town, and then stopped by the park for a few precious moments.

After much needed baths the little boys got to Skype with my parents.  They played 'Itsy Bitsy Spider', read a book, and blew kisses to "Grandma and Grandma" as Caleb calls my mom and dad.

They are napping right now...Wow, what a different day it is from last Saturday.  Whew...I would take today everyday!

Once the boys were asleep I poured myself a bowl of Kashi Go-Lean cereal, sliced up half a banana and three strawberries, grabbed a small handful of nuts and sprinkled it on top, and then poured about a half a cup of Original Silk Almond Milk over it...{Sigh}  Delightful.

I even used my Orange Leaf shovel spoon to eat it.  I love those spoons!

I don't get paid to write reviews.  But if I like something I want to share it so that you can enjoy it too!  So share I shall.  Kashi Go-Lean cereal is A) Healthy  B) Crunchy  C) It gives me Super-Mom energy  D) It keeps me fueled and full for a really long time.

So it is for these reasons I keep buying the stuff; I like enjoying the benefits of it.  It has kind of a grainy taste, it is very lightly sweetened, but boy does it satisfy.  No joke, it really does.  I like adding yogurt to it too.  YUMMERS!  The little boys LOVE it too!  I tried to give them their organic fruity cereal today and they kept trying to steal my I let them, because I love them, I am an awesome mom like that.

Today is a pretty light little post.  This last week was so busy with work, I thought I would relax a little.  Some fun highlights from my week were that a newspaper from Chicago called me and wanted to use some of my pictures ('Absolutely!'), and Sam's uncle Carl who pastors a church up in Illinois asked if he could use some bits and pieces of my blogs for some of his sermons ('Absolutely!').  And right now Robin, my sister, is probably laughing out loud that I wrote 'Absolutely!' because she makes fun of how often I say this.  :-)  And I like to make her laugh.  Isn't she purdy...

I am SOOOOOOOOOO excited for this next week of blogs.  Why you ask?  Because I won't be writing a single one!  After I got such a wonderful response from Good Deeds, Gods Seeds, God's pleased, where I shared my testimony, I knew what I wanted to do.

I will buy something on Amazon, or try a new recipe if it gets amazing reviews.  So what better way to share Christ than to share what he has done!  That is when I got on the horn {funny saying}, otherwise known as texting and facebook, and I asked seven friends to share their testimonies with you.  Tomorrow will be the regular and always fascinating {I giggle} Sunday with Sam, but after that we are going to get to take a peek into the lives and salvation stories of seven different women.  I AM SO EXCITED!

This is going to be an awesome week.  God is so good!  Have a great day!



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