Sunday, June 26, 2011

Perspective ~By Jason Williams

Meet Jason.  Jason came to help Joplin. Jesus knocked, and Jason answered.  Halleluiah!

Hey Ronda!! This is Jason from St. Louis. I was saved last Friday by Pastor Barb from Arizona. is my story so you can put it on your blog.

I woke up Friday morning doing the usual.  I got back from a hard day’s work. I learned that we had a Pastor staying with us at the church (ALCC)from Arizona. I kindly introduced myself. At the same time I started to think more about how I got here and why everything that’s been happening to me is so great. Who else better to ask than someone with experience?

I've always believed in God, but never really wanted to learn. At this point I've become confident and sincere about learning more about GOD, Jesus, and more about the Bible. I asked Barb if I could meet with her. She gladly accepted. We met in Sanctuary and I basically said, "I'm just gonna tell what I know, and what I want to learn."She then described parts of the bible and how to begin my journey. We sat and held hands and prayed for my all my sins to be released and cleansed and to accept Jesus in my body and mine into his. I repeated words I cannot remember, but asking for God to accept me into his Kingdom. My heart sank, and then at once it felt stronger.

I didn't realize the full affect of what was to come. But, things started to happen in my life. I met a bunch of people from another Church from my hometown. And quickly became great friends as if I've known them for years. We had a bonfire that evening what started out with 4-5 people grew to about 40. Everyone got up individually and introduced themselves, their occupation, and what they were thankful for. I stood up and professed Jesus coming into me earlier that very day with a sense of pride.
The next day we were sent out to a large farm where the Tornado had destroyed a man and woman’s home. By the end of the day things were winding down. I was walking up and my friend Mandy Wright of Quincy, Illinois said, "You should have just heard what this man said about you." We were out in the field and she said then owner heard of a man's soul being saved, and said his farm was worth being destroyed to save my soul.

I immediately started to cry.

I stared at all the hard work we all put into his farm as I was walking down the hill checking for anything we had missed.  It was then I overheard our Team leader say “that’s him right there!" I walked up and thanked him for his kind words. And he repeated to me “My Farm was worth losing to welcome you into God’s Kingdom." I hugged him and realized this is real.

Earlier before we started to work on the farm Dave Degear (Team Leader) asked who recently got saved and pointed me out to the group. The acknowledgement and love that I've have received since, has shown me very clear my path, and clear to others that his was no coincidence....So, there is my story. And I hope it helps non-believers, like I once was, believe.

Thank you for taking the time to edit and post it.

Yours Truly,

Jason M. Williams
St. Louis, Missouri

Note from Ronda~


Joplin is grateful for you.  I am grateful for you.  Many were touched by your testimony…Many will be touched by this testimony.  Praising God for your salvation and praying that he will continue to draw you near and that you will never stop being as excited as the day I met you, for Christ.  Lord bless you Brother!

Your Sister in Christ,


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