Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Blessing upon blessings!

Last night was my first night returning to church.  It was surreal coming back to this place that is now home for so many as they toil from sun up to sun down with their hands clearing wreckage.  So many new faces, sun beat, tired looking.  Their shoulders hung a bit as they walked around the building.  Others lay on the floor or on cots and tried to catch some sleep not seeming to notice that the lights were glaring overhead.  If you read “Sunday with Sam: Let there be light” you saw our youth room.  It is now transformed into a cafeteria where the servants hearts of our church move amongst the volunteers, feeding them, bringing them drinks, cleaning up after them.   The love goes on and on.  Everyone looked so tired though; granted I arrived at the end of a very long day.  Some from our church had been there since early in the AM day after day to serve breakfast, lunch, and dinner, and had basically been living there at the church themselves.
We snuck into the sanctuary and began practice with “At your cross.”  We started playing with just a few of us as everyone had not yet arrived, but as they came in the music began to fill the room.  With eyes closed and hearts open we worshiped the Lord.  Bryan asked if I would pray….absolutely!   What a wonderful opportunity amongst friends, amongst believers, amongst survivors, to thank our God for hearing our prayers and for loving us.  May I pray with you now?  I thank God that he reads my mail.
God thank you so much for the opportunities that you have given us to reach out and help people who are desperately in need.  Thank you for bringing clarity and focus to our efforts and that we will get organized as a community so that we can heal.  Heavenly Father please comfort those who have lost more than belongings.  Please bring them peace in a time that is so chaotic and painful.  Lord I pray for each person whose eyes are reading these words that they will be blessed with opportunities to serve around them.  I pray that they will have eyes to see, hearts to serve, and attitudes that will bring a smile to your face.  Lord, I praise you and thank you for the two opportunities that I got last night to minister to your children.  You know who they are.  Please do a work in them.  Please don’t let their hearts be cold and hard, but soften them, redirect their focus.
And God, I pray for myself, that you would let me be sensitive to you and your call on my life.  It’s all about you.  It’s all about you Jesus.  May all the glory and all the praise be lifted up to you, thank you Jesus!  Thank you for hearing our prayers and for caring about us.  I pray for those who don’t understand the power and importance of prayer, that they will open their mouths and give talking to you a try.  I thank you ahead of time for the amazing things you reveal to them through this time with you.  Getting to know you and love you; such a joy, such an honor, thank you for this privilege.
I just got off the phone with my customer that I told you about yesterday, Carolyn.  This is a PRAISE report as when I told you last I had to leave them as the insurance adjustor arrived.  She said that she felt so much peace as he walked through what remained of their home and was in complete awe and agreed with them that there was nothing to salvage.  He didn’t give them a ton of information, but it looks like your prayers are being answered and I believe they will get some good news and quick relief.  When you live through something like this you need a break.  Continue to pray for them to be blessed beyond their wildest imaginations and that God will get all the glory.  Pray for continued favor with the insurance company, and that they will have a quick resolution to their claim.
I am so excited for church tonight.  Excited to hear our worship as we all come together and praise God for all he has done, for all he has brought us through, and all he is doing in each of us.


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