Thursday, September 1, 2011


I had a minute to spare while a file loaded on my computer screen at work.  Life has been busy.  Life has been very busy; heavily loaded with work and activities which have resulted in minimal and inconsistent blogging.  While I waited on my customer’s information to fill the screen I grabbed the TIME magazine sitting on the corner of my desk.  Set there for clients to flip through if for any reason they should have to wait on me.  So today I flipped through it while I waited on them.  I stopped when I saw a picture of a little boy, 7 years old, completely wrapped in a beautifully colored transparent fabric, while two men poured what looked like gasoline over his dead body to prepare him for burial.  At the top of the page were the words Famine, and Drought.
There were more pictures of mothers as they clung to their starving children, skin and bones themselves.  I can’t imagine what it would be like to watch my children die of hunger.  This is reality and I was oblivious.  Daily I am oblivious.
Scripture in the gospels come to mind…whoa to the pregnant women and nursing mothers in those days…
It breaks my heart.
Praying for those who have nothing.  We are more blessed then we know, understand, or appreciate.

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