Tuesday, September 27, 2011

The pusher rests...And God works.

I sit here in awe filled wonder at the way God works in my life.  I push push push, and when I finally surrender He works and things work out.  When will I learn?

I have been working long hours at work so I haven’t even got to start my Gluten Free recipe week.  When I say long hours, yesterday I got to the bank about 7 minutes after 9am and I left work around 7 minutes after 9pm.  Today I had a 7:30am meeting and I finally left good old Liberty at 8pm.  Business is booming, and I am doing my best not to get behind.  A lot of people are counting on me.  Including a husband and two little toddlers at home who count on me for my time with them.  Balance is crucial.  So next week I think I will have to take a few days off. 

Good news is Kael’s bum is much better… and we have been diarrhea free for a few days now…that is a huge answer to prayer.  I still plan to do my Gluten Free recipe week, but as of right now with the hours I have been putting in I haven’t even made it to the Library to get a Gluten Free cookbook.  I will.  I am determined.

So what is all the push push push?  Well, I have mentioned here this last week that there were title issues on the house we are buying that had to be resolved before we could close.  I was tenacious with hounding people to make sure that no one left our file sitting around. Didn’t want any moss growing on it.

Another area I have been push push pushing is trying to find a company to ship our king size bed and mattress from Washington.  Can you say expensive?  I can… e-x-p-e-n-s-i-v-e!  So I decided yesterday that I would let that rest too.

And again, when I pause and let God be God, BAM!  My head nearly explodes when I get a text out of the blue from my sister that they are going to come through Joplin (from Seattle, Washington mind you) and drop off our bed.  And guess when…SATURDAY!  So I started thinking about how I would take down our queen and store it in the garage until the house closed…whenever that might be.

Last night I told Sam that this whole house thing could take months to sort out.  I told him that I was done pushing and that I was just going to pretend that we weren’t buying a house.  My friend Lisa text me late last night, about the time I was telling Sam I was pretending that there was no house, that she was rocking out some prayers for me; this was her exact text:

Rocked a prayer binding up hindrance and delay … I am already thanking Him for great news on this house.  Tigger style!  Can I get an Amen!

Amen Lisa, Amen.  The title company called me at 1:31pm today with the good news that we can close most likely (99%) on Friday at 2pm.  This was huge.  The title lady told me she hated to do it, but she pulled the Tornado card.

I was ok with that.  So now we get our house Friday, and our bed Saturday…Thank you Father.  You are so good to me.

I have a head ache building right now.  I am going to kick off my shoes, put on some sweats, and snuggle my babies.

My soul has been singing songs incessantly, and the ones that lifted out from my mouth echoed nicely in the empty bank tonight.



And please pray for my good friend Stephanie who is sick with a nasty bronchial thing-a-ma-jig.  She isn’t feeling too hot.

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