Thursday, September 29, 2011

God's timing is good timing

I learned a few things today…to be gluten free you must be made of gold, PURE GOLD!  Wowzers, talk about bucks.  I also learned that there is a high likely hood that I am pre-menopausal.  I will learn more when my blood work comes back next week.  And our adorable little house that was supposed to close tomorrow at 2pm is on hold again, for the same reason as before.  Title issues plague us; but that is ok!  I actually have an overwhelming peace about it.

Peace is awesome! Especially in the midst of upheaval.  I was up at 5am this morning (thank you Kael) so I decided to pack.  I have packed a ton, and I don’t really want to unpack any of it.  We will just learn to live with less.  I like how clutter free my house is right now.

The title officer was terrified to call me and let me know that it was delayed for a third time.  I think that I freaked her out even more with how calm I was about it.  She thanked me profusely for being so understanding.  She has been working very hard for us to resolve all this.  She is one of the last people I would want to dump on for this.  I am grateful for her and maybe my attitude will be a witness.

So please pray for a few things for us…that the blood work will come back with definitive answers so that my doctor can formulate a good plan, and that God will continue to give us peace regarding the house situation.  I would really like that to come together soon.

I don’t have much in way of recipes to blog about since I packed the cupboards.  So I will just end with God is good, and I am a very grateful lady right now.



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